About Zombie Cage Fighter


Nathan is a life-long consumer and collector of Comic Books. As a child born and raised in a religious cult, comic books gave him worlds to disappear in, and escape from his own reality.  Once he found his way out of the cult at the age of 23, he found himself on a new path through Mix Martial Arts (MMA). 

He appeared and was a fan favorite on SPIKE TV’s The Ultimate Fighter  season 1. His fight career spanned over 13 years. During those years he got a shot at the UFC’s world title, fighting in-front of thousands at MGM Grand Las Vegas. One of the many notable moments of his career, was his highly publicized ‘Comeback Fight’, bringing him back into the ring just 15 months after an innovative spinal fusion back-surgery.

Nathan lives in Portland, OR with his wife, their newborn son, and daughter. 


Zombie Cage Fighter is an Autobiographical Horror story based on the creator, Nate “Rock” Quarry’s life. 

After many requests to write an autobiography, Nate decided to do just that, though he did not want it to be “just another fighter’s story”. His life experiences are more than that, and there was more to share with the world. Nate went on to create the Zombie Cage Fighter brand in 2010.

The Zombie Cage Fighter story is that of an aging MMA fighter, trying to find a way to make ends meet as a single father. Set in the world when zombie outbreaks are popping up around the globe, but before the full zombie apocalypse. A time when zombies are more of a nuisance, used for political advantages, & business opportunities. 

What is a father willing to sacrifice for his child to have a better life than himself? What legacy do you leave by fighting in the underground world of Zombie Cage Fighting?  

This is not just another Fighter’s story. This is a story of one’s legacy, love, fighting, sacrifice, and fatherhood.

The ZOMBIE CAGE FIGHTER brand has grown into a selection of T-Shirts, multiple comic books, stickers, bags, posters, and its very own ZCF Statue.

“This is my story. With a few embellishments. Every one of my fights was to the death. They were just stopped early” –Nate “Rock” Quarry

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