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Mixed Martial Arts Career:

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Nathan Quarry made his professional mixed martial arts debut in 2001 in a match against UFC veteran and Pat Miletich protégé Drew McFedries.

After a rousing win by TKO in the second round he’d compiled an impressive 5 – 1 record. Training with UFC Legend Randy Couture at the world famous Team Quest gym in Portland Oregon, Nate was invited by the UFC to participate in the inaugural season of The Ultimate Fighter, a reality television show and mixed martial arts tournament that featured up-and-coming MMA talent. The show, now in its 12th season on SpikeTV, has become a phenomenon and is considered almost solely responsible for the UFC’s growth as a company and for the explosion of mixed martial arts into the mainstream.

Quarry, the consensus favorite to win the inaugural season’s tournament was devastated after hearing the prognosis on an ankle injury he would sustain during training. The 6 weeks he was ordered to stay off his foot would end his chances in the tournament, but with his relationship with the other fighters in the house and his knowledge as a trainer still intact, he was asked to stay on as an assistant coach to his mentor, Couture. During his time on the show, both as a contestant and coach, he was seen as the role model for the entire team. His enthusiasm in spite of his injury, his leadership ability, and his knowledge of Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, Wrestling, and Boxing made him an invaluable member of Team Couture’s coaching staff.

Quarry made his UFC debut on The Ultimate Fighter finale card defeating fellow season 1 contestant Lodune Sincaid by TKO which would begin a pattern of first round stoppages for Quarry including one over UFC staple and former champion, Shonie Carter. This win would earn Quarry a much deserved opportunity to compete for the middleweight title at UFC 56 in November of 2005. This title shot would become the first ever offered to one of the original contestants of the Ultimate Fighter.

After his title bout against UFC Middleweight Champion Rich Franklin, Quarry would nearly call his career to a halt, mostly due to numerous injuries suffered prior to his fight with Franklin, but mostly due to his toughest opponent to date, a bout with degenerative spinal disk disease. After he was diagnosed, most doctors told him he may never walk again; this dire prognosis would most certainly end his fighting career as well. Never one to give up, Quarry sought out other options and would find one, he underwent an experimental surgical procedure pioneered by Nuvasive

Creative Spine Technology in June 2006 to repair the damage resulting from his degenerative condition. The surgery was a rousing success, not only giving Quarry the ability to walk again, but would give him the ability to continue his career as a professional athlete, fighting an amazing 6 more times after his procedure. Nate’s case would thrust him into the companies’ forefront as a living testament to their procedures amazing results, he would go on to become the billion dollar companies nationally spokesperson. He now regularly addresses thousands of surgeons all across the country.

Personal Life

Nate was born in March 18th, 1972 in Arcata California but grew up in Gresham Oregon from an early age.

He never competed in organized sports until the age of 24, having been a member of the Jehovah’s Witness’s, athletics were not permitted. After leaving the religion at the same age, he began his training in Muay Thai and Jiu Jitsu and has continued that training ever since. Nate is a single father raising his 10-year old daughter, Cierra in Lake Oswego Oregon, a suburb of Portland.